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Equality and Diversity

People often ask why there is a need for an Irish association and isn’t this contrary to current thinking about community cohesion? Sadly there is still ample evidence of discrimination against Irish people.

We are also too well aware of the high support needs of many of the more vulnerable members of the community, particularly older, single men. The cultural sensitivity of our staff team makes it easier for us to relate to many of our clients. We are committed to meeting individual needs and to the diversity of society.

Innisfree’s policy on equality and diversity is designed to conform with the statutory requirements laid down by the Equality Act 2010, other relevant legislation, as well as the guidance and advice offered by the Equality & Human Rights Commission and good practice in this field generally.

However, it goes beyond that because at Innisfree we treat each person as an individual, deserving of respect. This approach is fundamental to our ethos and is embedded in the way we work.

Our policies and practices attempt to reflect the primary community with whom we work, the Irish community. Many Irish people have been childhood victims of clerical and institutional abuse. Both they and others continue to suffer mental ill health and other long term consequences of this abuse. There is also well documented evidence of the disproportionate ill health suffered by Irish communities. Gypsies and Travellers include many Irish people and we recognise that this group continues to experience abuse and harassment and is often overlooked by public authorities. Innisfree HA believes that Irish people have suffered discrimination in housing provision and we are committed to positive action to redress the imbalance. In this respect, our policy on equality fits around our core mission to address Irish housing need. Our housing provision reflects the diversity within the Irish community and the community at large.


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