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Friends of Innisfree

The Friends of Innisfree was formed in 1998. It has grown from a handful of people to over forty supporters. We see the Friends of Innisfree as a means of supporting and publicising the work of Innisfree Housing Association and assisting with fund-raising. The Friends extend our circle of associates into the wider realms of the community, into the business sector and to other parts of the country and beyond.

Pauline McLynn — actor, writer & President of the Friends of Innisfree

What do we ask of the Friends? In the first instance, merely your support – and permission to publish your name as one of our supporters. If you have time to spare and would like to help us in a voluntary capacity in events organisation or fund-raising, that would be most welcome. We would also be pleased if you could introduce us to anyone else who might be able to help us in the future. Donations, of course, are always welcome!

Some ideas of how you could help:

  • Seeking sponsorship and donations
  • Helping with existing activities e.g. annual golf event, gardening competition
  • Newsletter production

What have the Friends funded to date?

  • Numerous “crisis” payments to tenants
  • “seed grants” to would-be gardeners
  • prizes in the annual gardening competition
  • college course fees for tenants
  • summer clubs for tenants’ children
  • Christmas hampers for older, single people
  • environmental improvements
  • new play equipment
List of Friends
  • Di Arthur
  • Kina Lady Avebury
  • Liam Brady
  • Rod Cahill
  • Gerard Carton
  • Jeff Chapman
  • Gene Clayton
  • Dympna Cunnane
  • Mary Cunnane
  • Maureen Curran
  • Helen Dent
  • William Downing
  • James Driscoll
  • Fiona Fagan
  • DB Feehely
  • Margaret Canter
  • Bernard Gallagher
  • Frank Gill
  • Donal Kelleher
  • Brian McCarthy
  • Richard McCarthy
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Pauline McLynn
  • Anne McMeel
  • David Meghen
  • Foster Murphy
  • Ardal O’Hanlon
  • Larry O’Leary
  • Jan Phillips
  • Vince Power
  • Margaret Rochford
  • Mary Ryan
  • Patricia Smith
  • Richard Sweeney
  • Mary Yorke-Cleary

What do the Friends of Innisfree actually do?

The Friends of Innisfree were formed in 1998. Membership is open to anyone who supports our values and aims. Through various events and activities, such as the now very successful annual golf tournament, funds are raised to help the tenants of Innisfree Housing Association. Some examples of what has been done are set out below:-

  • Purchase of gardening equipment
  • Support for the annual gardening competition
  • Funding of places at summer clubs for tenants’ children
  • Environmental projects
  • Paying for tenants to attend courses

In addition, we are able to make crisis payments to tenants in special need, for example when someone is moving from a furnished, supported house to a self-contained flat of their own.

How your support will help

Your support to Innisfree Housing Association through the Friends of Innisfree is vital. It will:

  • enable us to raise our profile in the commercial and voluntary sectors
  • assist with fund-raising
  • open doors for sponsorship
  • bring pleasure to our tenants that you wish to be a part of Innisfree.

What else do we want?

Nothing. Unless you have time to spare and would like to be associated with any of our activities or attend any events, we are looking for no more than your moral support.

If, though, you positively want to help us in any way, that would be very welcome, including any financial support you or your company can offer.

Please complete the application form (44KB) and become a friend or make an online donation now.


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