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Welfare Reform Day

Staff and members of Innisfree’s Tenant Scrutiny Panel arranged an event at Cricklewood Homeless Concern on 30th October to publicise the important changes that are going to take place from 2013 for tenants who are claiming some form of welfare benefit.

The changes that the Government is introducing will have a major impact on how benefits are claimed by and paid to tenants. These include a mClick here for more details on the implications for your benefit entitlementaximum amount of benefit that is paid to a claimant including housing benefit. These caps are set at £500 for a couple or family and £350 for a single person and most claims will have to be made online i.e. using a computer.

Tenants and staff were able to meet and discuss these changes and how tenants can prepare for them, for example, by opening a bank account to pay their rent and other bills.

Tenant Scrutiny Panel member Jackie Buchanan commented:

“The staff were well informed and were able to help me understand how the changes from April will affect tenants. If you missed the open afternoon, don’t worry, staff will arrange further events to help tenants better understand and prepare for these major changes.”

Staff from Camden Credit Union were also on hand to talk about the many benefits of becoming a member of the Credit Union including low-cost borrowing and low bank charges.

If you couldn’t make the event on the 30th and want to find out more, please contact your housing officer.



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