Innisfree dedicated

to giving the Irish a sense of community

Donation from the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux

Innisfree were delighted to receive a donation from the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux based in West Hampstead

Early in this new year, we are planning a special series of events with a spiritual aspect at our sheltered housing scheme, Clochar Court.

The main events will include a broadcast of the celebration of the mass. The Mass will be broadcast on RTE television with the Sunday service  coming from a different location in Ireland every week.

Cecilia Greene, Scheme Manager told us that with the increasingly cold weather it was suggested by one or our tenants that it would be a great benefit  not only to our  tenants but also to many elderly, isolated members of the Irish community living in and around Clochar Court.

The mass will be broadcast at 11am Sundays followed by a light lunch.

A Eucharistic minister from Our Lady of Willesden Catholic Church will attend with Holy Communion. We will also use the funding to purchase candles and CD’s with Hymns to help create the special atmosphere to enhance the experience for everyone.

Cecilia will liaise with The Irish Chaplaincy in Britain who will provide us with additional support and ideas to develop this project further.

We have a volunteer from the Sixth Form at the nearby Convent of Jesus and Mary who is willing to attend and help out every week.

Clochar Court lost several good friends through recent bereavements and tenants felt it would be more appropriate to have a Mass followed by a low key social event with refreshments rather than a full scale New Year party.

If funding permits we are looking into having some bereavement counselling.


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