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Tenants prepare for moving on

Tenants living in temporary housing are taking practical steps to move on while learning new skills

Innisfree have encouraged two tenants living in shared housing to use their skills in preparing to move to their own place to live.


Kelly and Mary are now completing making curtains for the communal lounge of their shared house with support from Innisfree and the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme.


During a support meeting, both Kelly and Mary told their support officer how they liked to make curtains and clothing. Innisfree used some of the ESP funding to purchase a sewing machine and additional equipment to help Kelly and Mary make curtains for their house.

we were surprised and delighted that Innisfree would think of taking up our feedback to the support meeting. Now we are faced with a real challenge and we are looking forward to making cushion covers and curtains for our own place when we move.

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