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Move-on Computer training ends its second session

The very successful Innisfree move-on IT training has now concluded its second session.IMG_0414

Working in partnership with funding from the Irish Governments Emigrant Support Programme, Safe Start Foyer in Cricklewood and Raffat Bari IT Trainer from the London Metropolitan University, Innisfree has delivered seven half day sessions to tenants who have little or no experience of using computers.


Raffat Bari told Innisfree that this was ‘an unique opportunity to provide computer training which is fun and varied’. Tenants reported their progress weekly to Innisfree’s Supported Housing Manager, Jim Sheeran by email and then took some photos of their work for this newsletter article.

IMG_0399Padraig Hanlon told Innisfree that he learned how to access his bank account on the Internet. Michael Groarke purchased and set up his own laptop and printer, while Desmond Moloney also registered for online banking and listened to local radio from County Clare on the internet.IMG_0400

Jim Sheeran from Innisfree visited the last session and awarded the tenants certificates of achievement for their efforts.

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  1. I Had a great time learning computer skills , glad to see it is still available to all and going strong , and for those that have not signed up yet your missing out on great craic .

    sue brennan

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