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Irish in Britain – Diaspora Voice

Irish in Britain (Federation of Irish Societies) is running an on-line survey to test opinion on issues being put to the Constitutional Convention – a year-long citizens’ review of the Irish Constitution. DIASPORA VOICE raises awareness of the Convention process among Irish groups and the wider community. The campaign is keen to encourage participation of the new generation of Irish migrants. We want to highlight the contribution and potential role…

Allotment update

The Allotment plots at Wembley have been producing some excellent results.   The growing season is a little late. Apples and Pears are still to ripen. Marrow and Pumpkin are growing big.   Tomato and Blackberry are nearly ready to pick!   Our volunteers have done a great job on their first year’s growing from untended scrub to a moderate harvest. And what treasures we have discovered! Two Apple trees, Pear…


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