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The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for the South of England during the weekend and the early part of next week.

Gale force winds have been predicted in what could be the worst storm seen in the South since the hurricane of 1987. In addition, there could also be up to 30mm of rain in certain areas which combined could cause significant damage to property in affected areas.


The following measures can be put in place to help minimise damage or loss:

 Prepare yourself for potential power outages – Remember torches will always be safer than candles

 Ensure roofs are in good working condition – let us know about any loose tiles immediately

 Clear gardens of objects that could propel in high winds such as children’s toys and garden furniture

 If possible, trim any low hanging or broken branches

 Firmly secure fence posts and panels


Call our out of hours emergency number 0800 678 3313 if you do experience any problems and call our office as soon as it is open.

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