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Hallowe’en party to remember at Clochar Court

James KeatingOíche Samhain (pronounced ‘EE-hyeh SOW-in’) marks the end of the Celtic year. The end of our growing and harvesting seasons. Nights are getting darker and it is time to stay in from the cold. It is also known as All Hallows Eve or Hallowe’en. The deceased are traditionally remembered both in lore and at Catholic Masses during the month of November.

In these dark months, we remember years gone past, our families and loved ones who have departed to the next life. For country folk, gathering together to entertain, tell stories and sing was part of everyday life when not working outside to earn a living.

Welcome to Clochar CourtOn Thursday 30th October, tenants and their visitors to Clochar Court celebrated Hallowe’en in grand style – decorating  communal areas and the  the lounge, displaying their own traditional art and dressing-up for an evening of song, stories and fright-night devilment!


Mary and visitors

Frankenstein and his BrideTenants were visited by Zombies, Vampires, Witches and Frankenstein with his Bride – I think!

Ann and Michael

We were delighted to involve Raffat Bari who helped our participants to design and paint their own traditional canvasses with Celtic designs.

image (4) Rafat and boys


None of this would have been possible without the support from a grant offered to Innisfree from the Community Development Fund.  We were offered a grant which would help older people to meet, work together to organise activities and celebrate with a final event. Participants attended training on Food Hygiene, Art classes and carried out research on preparing for and holding an Irish Hallowe’en event. We are proud to have offered Clochar Court facilities to hold this excellent event. Well done to everyone involved!

Pumpkin and Christie

Celtic weave

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