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Following a recent meeting with Sam Lehane from Camara, Innisfree asked Sam to explain more about this unique charity working to help recycle used computers to help others. You may be interested and could possibly help! if you work with an organisation who need to recycle PC’s, this may be an option.

Camara is a unique Irish charity founded in 2007. We reuse technology to provide a better education and digital literacy skills to children in disadvantaged communities in Ireland, 7 countries in Africa, Jamaica and Haiti (so far).

Camara is a West African word that means ‘one who teaches with experience’. Through Camara over 600,000 disadvantaged children have received digital literacy skills, more than 2,500 eLearning centres have been set up, 12,000 teachers have received training in ICT and how to use it in the class room and over 45,000 computers have been installed in low income schools and community groups. Demand for our computer equipment and support has grown rapidly, resulting in a collection and refurbishment hub being set up in London – to complement ones in Dublin, Belfast and San Jose. We arrange very low cost collections of 20+ PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice and power leads from organisations. All data is securely wiped to US Dept of Defence standard prior to being refurbished and installed with educational software. They are then shipped to education hubs for distribution. Data destruction and reuse / recycling certification is also issued.

What makes us unique is that we place long-term education hubs in countries that we deal in, so the key ingredient of teacher training in ICT is provided on the ground. This allows for better teaching to others and improved digital literacy skills – increasingly important in the modern age. The hubs also provide maintenance support and end of life recycling of computers.

Further information on what Camara do can be found here, and details of how we securely handle computer equipment can be found here.

If you would like to help Camara by volunteering or donating 20+ computers and peripherals, you can find out more here.

Camara is here – with your help what was once a small Irish charity can take over Great Britain!!

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