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Allotment project takes off!

Innisfree have just signed a tenancy agreement with Brent Council’s Parks Service to manage an allotment in North Wembley. We are usually asking other people to sign our tenancy agreements, so this is a new venture.


The 5 pole plot (approx. 125m square) is presently very overgrown, but we expect to have it cleared by mid February.

We aim to offer this space to tenants and enlist the help of experienced volunteers to start growing fruit and vegetables. Tenants living near to the Allotment located at Sudbury Court Road, North Wembley will be able to take part in regular gardening sessions. We will keep you posted on the regular sessions at the plot.20130206_131729

We have also taken delivery of scaffold planks which will be used to set out the beds and, if possible, build a secure shed for tools and equipment. Our thanks to the scaffolding company who donated the planks. Thanks also to the two Toms, two Michaels and Patrick who helped offload the planks.


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  1. Great stuff. More of this kinda thing please!
    I would like to help out. Where do I sign up?

    Des Brittain

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