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Move-on empowerment concludes on a high!

Tenants at Clochar Court celebrated the end of their IT training by holding a presentation ceremony at Clochar Court. John Delahunty, Innisfree’s Chief Executive attended and presented completion certificates to the students finishing their last session at Clochar Court last week. John told the tenants they were great to have learned something brand new and their next challenge was to keep up the good work! Jim Sheeran, Innisfree’s Community Initiatives…

Growing things – a short story

We have worked with many people over the years providing a safe room and help with day to day problems.Now we are doing new things. We are helping people learn to use computers, tell their story about moving to London and find a place to call their own. Many Irish people have worked soil when they grew up, either on a farm, in a back garden or they’ve seen others…

I only came over for six months – Reminiscence project takes off

Innisfree have launched a new project to hear the stories of tenants who emigrated from their homes in the 1960’s and 70’s to work in London and the UK. The project, launched in June, will provide an opportunity for older Irish people to tell their story of emigration from their homes in Ireland. The project which is led by Fiona Smith from Federation of Irish Societies, with support from Age…

Move-on training moves to Clochar Court

Tenants at Clochar Court are now moving into the Internet-age by accessing IT training. The third and final session of IT training offered to Innisfree tenants has commenced at our sheltered housing scheme, Clochar Court. Participants are using PC’s and laptops to access the internet, record personal details and start researching information on Universal Credit and online shopping. Raffat Bari, trainer says ‘some of the students have never used a computer before…

David’s sleight of hand entertains young and old

You would want some very sharp eyes to catch David Hewett out as he entertained tenants and visitors to an afternoon of magic and fun. David, from Richmond visited Clochar Court in June and presented young and old with a selection of his tricks including memorising cards, producing handkerchiefs from thin air and making metal loops link together. Guests were enthralled by David’s skills and everyone enjoyed tea and chat…

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