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Tenants at Clochar Court celebrated the end of their IT training by holding a presentation ceremony at Clochar Court.


Proud students show their certificates of achievement after completion of their computer course at Clochar Court.

John Delahunty, Innisfree’s Chief Executive attended and presented completion certificates to the students finishing their last session at Clochar Court last week.

John told the tenants they were great to have learned something brand new and their next challenge was to keep up the good work! Jim Sheeran, Innisfree’s Community Initiatives Officer said with access to computers, people could now discover new and exciting ways to get information and make contact with other people.

This was the final part of a programme three IT sessions delivered to people with little or no experience of using computers. The Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme provided Innisfree with funding to help deliver this programme of developing skills to help prevent homelessness and forge strong links back home. By developing IT skills, participants can send emails, visit the Innisfree website and make contact with people in Ireland.

Raffat Bari from London Metropolitan University, who delivered the sessions explained that the students learned very different things . ‘One student is now accessing his bank account online while another has seen her home place for the first time in over 30 years! This is all thanks to accessing websites on the internet. It is very rewarding to see how people become enthuiastic after a few lessons. You can’t keep them away from it!’

Everyone hard at work!

Everyone hard at work!

Innisfree are also delighted to have students from the local area attend the classes. This helps develop Clochar Court’s facilities not only as a space for tenants to use, but becomes a place where the local older Irish community and their friends may visit to learn and enjoy getting involved in useful activities.

If you are interested in learning more about computers, why not visit the Digital Unite website where you can get help to master some your own IT skills.



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