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Move-on training moves to Clochar Court

Tenants at Clochar Court are now moving into the Internet-age by accessing IT training.040713 class2

The third and final session of IT training offered to Innisfree tenants has commenced at our sheltered housing scheme, Clochar Court.

Participants are using PC’s and laptops to access the internet, record personal details and start researching information on Universal Credit and online shopping.040713 mag1

Raffat Bari, trainer says ‘some of the students have never used a computer before while others are getting to grips with Twitter and Facebook’.010713 agnus1

We are delighted this training has brought so much change to the students since September 2012.

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  1. I’ve been on gumtree to day i hope to find information on Universal Credit and how to bank on line . I’m finding this course very helpfull.

    Margaret .


  2. Margaret,

    Happy to keep in touch on the Universal Credit.

    Jim Sheeran

  3. I enjoyed the computer course i now know so much more and its great .
    Before i used to open my computer and play games for hours not any more . Thanks to Innisfree i am very grateful . M. Carroll .


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