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Allotment update

The Allotment plots at Wembley have been producing some excellent results.



The growing season is a little late. Apples and Pears are still to ripen. Marrow and Pumpkin are growing big.



Tomato and Blackberry are nearly ready to pick!




Our volunteers have done a great job on their first year’s growing from untended scrub to a moderate harvest. And what treasures we have discovered! Two Apple trees, Pear and Medlar. Almost sounds like the Twelve Days of Christmas song!




We are also looking very much forward to the Innisfree Gardening Competition Awards ceremony on Thursday 5th September, 12 midday at the Allotment in Sudbury. Everyone is welcome to attend and we are especially welcoming to other allotment tenants who would like to show off what they have managed to grow this year.



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