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Asset Management Strategy resident consultation

At Innisfree we want to have a greater understanding of our residents’ expectations about the quality of your home. We aim to ensure our tenants are involved in influencing service delivery and decision making on the things that are important to you. We have recently reviewed our Asset
Management Strategy and we would like to hear your feedback.

Our Asset Management Strategy sets out our plans for looking after and improving our existing homes and for providing new ones. Our short-term focus is on what we are going to do over the next five years.

The strategy outlines how we intend to deliver best performance of our assets through investment, retention, disposal or conversion of use. It outlines how we will maintain our homes appropriately whilst achieving better value for money, meeting resident expectations, ensuring compliance with our statutory and regulatory obligations and delivering a more environmentally sustainable asset base in the process.

The Asset Management Strategy also sets out how the essential legal and regulatory requirements expected of us are planned to be met, as well as identifying how a range of other objectives can be met, including energy efficiency and sustainability.

To read our Asset Management Strategy in full click here, or if you would like a paper copy or wish to provide feedback, please email our housing team at or call 020 7625 1818.

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