Resident Consultation

Six key policies – We Want to Hear From You

The consultation closed on 4 January 2022. Thank you for your feedback!

Innisfree want to make sure that the feedback of our residents continually shapes our services.

As part of this commitment, we want to hear your thoughts on six key policies which shape our service delivery.

  • Pets Policy – Innisfree recognise the positive impact pets can have on our lives. Our Pets Policy aims to outline our guidelines and requirements for responsible pet ownership.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy – Innisfree are dedicated to creating safe and secure neighbourhoods for all our tenants. Our ASB Policy aims to outline how we will take a proactive approach to dealing with potential instances of anti-social behaviour in our communities.
  • Hate Crime Policy – Innisfree are equally dedicated to condemning all forms of hate crime. Our Hate Crime Policy aims to outline how we will use all available powers to deal effectively with any hate motivated incident.
  • Domestic Abuse Policy – Innisfree is dedicated to keeping our homes safe for our tenants. Our Domestic Abuse Policy aims to outline how we deal with potential instances of domestic abuse in our communities.
  • Safeguarding Policy – Innisfree is committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults, young people and children. Our Safeguarding Policy outlines how we respond to safety concerns and allegations, and how we work with partner agencies to support vulnerable people.
  • Unacceptable Behaviour Policy – Innisfree is committed to providing excellent service to our customers and residents. Our Unacceptable Behaviour Policy outlines the steps we take when our staff are met with communication issues, and barriers that stop them from delivering the services we need to provide.

If you would like to share your feedback or have any queries regarding these policies, please get in touch with your Resident Engagement Officer:

Via Telephone: 020 7692 1247

Via Email:

Deadline for feedback is 4 January 2022. We look forward to hearing from you.