Innisfree committed

to the Irish community

Thank you for all your help and assistance during my time at Maldon, Innisfree have been a pleasure to deal with always.


Tenant since 2019

I am grateful every day for this opportunity to live here at Clochar Court and especially for the great people I have met, not least Cecilia, our chats really connect me again to the wider Universe.

Tenant at Clochar Court

Tenant since 2019

Myself and my family would like to thank you for the home you have given us. This will make a huge difference to all our lives.

Katie and Ben and their 2 sons

Tenants since 2009

I feel like one of the lucky ones. I would probably be in prison if it wasn’t for Innisfree.


Tenant since 2010

Innisfree do something that nobody else does – they are good to people, especially homeless people


Tenant since 2009

I’ve been very happy here. My flat is all mine. I’ve kept my independence and that’s very important to me.


Tenant since 1999

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