Innisfree committed

to the Irish community


Older Tenants

Innisfree offers help to older Irish people at Clochar Court in Harlesden where 25 tenants live in a sheltered housing block and receive help with everyday needs related to getting older. We provide an intensive housing management service and work closely with a network of support services to meet residents’ needs.

Tenants live their lives as they wish but can decide to take part or organise activities which include:

  • using computers to email, shop and contact relatives and friends
  • organising Irish functions and events
  • taking part in music and exercise classes
  • gardening and growing plants and vegetables
  • helping Innisfree to develop and support others
  • volunteering and using spare time to help others
  • taking part in activities in the Men’s Shed

Our aim is to help Irish people at Clochar Court to live there as long as they wish and enjoy life! We also offer help to people in the local community and are also invited to weekly events.

Want to know more? Contact Cecilia Greene (Scheme Manager) on Tel: 020 8961 9989. Cecilia is part-time and her working days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9am to 5pm.


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