Celebrating the lives of Irish migrants - Reminiscence Film

Innisfree Housing Association in partnership with Irish in Britain and Age Exchange created a reminiscence project with older members of the Irish community in Harlesden, North London.

Thousands of Irish women and men emigrated to the UK for many different reasons. Most have sought work and a different future. Each person has their own story. Innisfree was fortunate to work closely with many who contributed to the project and tell their story. This film created a unique opportunity for them to record and listen to tales of loneliness, hardship, joy and adventure.

Reminiscence Film

The film was created in 2013 with Heritage Lottery funding,  ‘Carnaby Street, The Kings Road And The Dancehalls: London Was Your First Stop’ celebrates the lives and experiences of a group of immigrants who moved to North London from Ireland from the 1950s to the 1980s.

The film reflects on emigration from home to the UK, recalling life settling here and making new friends in a thriving London/Irish community. Many came from very rural backgrounds with poor education to seek labour and temporary work, fully intending to return back home. Some still live in Harlesden, North West London. This is their story.