Our allotment project

Innisfree allotments

Since 2012, the allotment project has converted a derelict growing space into a small garden which is producing many types of vegetables and plants. It has been a great success both for those involved and for Innisfree as an innovative project in London. 

Successes include growing food with several new volunteers starting gardening for the first time. Growing surplus food which has been shared with tenants, friends and relatives. Working with volunteers from Clochar Court and Sufra – a local food bank to harvest, prepare, cook and share meals using new and traditional ingredients. 

Other projects have developed from this including a developing recipes and a cook book on healthy eating for single people, meeting members of the Hindi and Muslim communities holding discussion, and sharing meals. Taking part in an annual food academy for young and older people to cook and share diverse dishes. Inviting members of the Muslim community to our sheltered housing scheme to break their fast and share a meal during the Ramadan fasting. 

The idea of growing food continues to be attractive as it helps to bring the skill of using the soil back to life and helps older single Irish people continue to work outdoors at their own pace.