Our Innisfree future

We start with a strong platform in building our response to the significant challenges facing our communities – housing, poverty, race equality and health & wellbing.

Our diversity and inclusion work is part of our distinct identity, at the heart of what we do and runs through the way we do things – the “Innisfree way”.

The reason for our existence goes back to the direct race discrimination experienced by Irish communities, alongside other minority communities Taking action to right injustices is part of the way we define “integrity” as one of our values, so we will continue to work with the vulnerable Irish and new migrant communities and to challenge injustices experienced by all BAME communities. We will also continue working across the range of equality issues, for example around mental health and gender.

The importance of the relationships we have with our tenants and the communities we work in, continue to drive our approach.

Building more genuinely affordable, high quality new homes is a key ambition.

We will always manage our resources prudently, ensuring we achieve best value, both financial, environmental and social.

We will strengthen our communications, including how we convey the impact of the advocacy we undertake.

See what we are working to achieve in our Corporate Plan.