Our pet policy

Your Tenancy Agreement is very clear about first obtaining our permission to keep a pet. Permission is at our discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.

Innisfree understands that lots of tenants would like to keep a pet.

There are many important factors that we must consider, like your neighbours, your home layout, and the animal’s welfare. You may also live in a home on an estate that does not belong to Innisfree – this means that there may be extra restrictions in place.

In general, you may be given permission if you:

  • have an official guide dog or service animal
  • live in a house with a private garden
  • live in a flat with access to a private garden
  • do not have a record of anti-social behaviour

You must ask permission before you adopt an animal to ensure that you do not breach your tenancy agreement.

You can ask permission by filling in this online form or contacting your Housing Officer; they will ask for details of the pet such as their breed, age and your plans on how to look after them if you go on holiday.

If you are given permission to keep an animal, you must remember that you are responsible for its health, safety, behaviour, and any messes that it makes.

You must also take the pet with you if you move home.

If given permission for a pet you must;

  • keep your dogs on a lead outside your home
  • not let your pets foul in communal areas or gardens
  • not let your pet disturb, frighten, or annoy other residents
  • keep your pet out of children’s play areas
  • ensure that you keep your home and garden free of smells and noises that might disturb your neighbours.

If your pet is causing a nuisance or we receive complaints about it, we may ask you to find a new home for them. Innisfree do not make these decisions lightly.

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