Our values

In all that we do, be inspired by our Irish roots and show passion for our work

Our Vision

As a leading Irish charity, we see the residents and communities for whom we provide homes and services enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives, involved in the wider community, whilst keeping a positive sense of their particular identity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide housing for people and support them so that they can play an active part in their community. We speak up for the people we serve, including those who are new to their neighbourhood, drawing on the experiences of, and celebrating, our Irish roots.

Our Values

Personal we are customer focused, responsive and always thinking about the individual in our relationships and plans.

Progressive our ambition and enthusiasm, our commitment to growth and our courage drive us to work for what is “right” not just popular. 

Integrity is about doing things in the right way, being open and fair and treating everyone with respect, celebrating people’s differences. 

Quality signals excellence in all that we do, looking for value for money and ensuring we have the best governance arrangements and staff team. 

Rooted describes our continued connection to our original mission in serving the Irish communities and that we are here for the long haul, cultivating the resources we look after. 

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