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Clearance of allotment site

The allotment is muddy, overgrown and pretty neglected. But today work has started to clear the scrub and set up the newly arrived compost bins.


The weather is warmer today and there is a little stretch to the afternoons with a promise of Spring in the air.

The compost bins arrived and were assembled with the help of Seamús from Clochar Court. Michael and the man with all the equipment, Patrick started clearing the site.


Still lots to do. We need to complete clearing the site, ensuring drainage and set out beds and paths around the plot. Shed will be delivered in the next three weeks and we’re hoping to arrange for topsoil and fertiliser deliveries after that. Then we can start growing stuff!!

We will be arranging a meeting with volunteers soon to get help with the next few steps.

If you’re interested in helping or just coming around to see whats happening, please give Jim Sheeran a call at 020 7692 1252 or email

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  1. Good stuff, Jim. You had a lovely day for it today.

    Des Brittain

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