Saving you money on your energy bills

Did you know that you can save as much as £300 a year on your energy bills by switching to a fixed rate tariff?  Energy suppliers often raise their prices just in time for the coldest, darkest, most expensive time of year. A fixed rate tariff would also give you more predictable billing and protect you from the price hikes.

If you’re one of the 60% of people in the UK on a standard variable rate (SVR), this means you might be paying far more than you need to on your gas and electricity bills.

You can usually get a better deal if you:

  • opt to manage your account online
  • pay by monthly direct debit
  • choose a fixed-rate tariff rather than a variable one (be aware, that if you are already on a fixed rate tariff you may have to pay a penalty fee if you switch before your fixed period ends)
  • get both gas and electricity from the same supplier (this is known as a dual fuel deal, but it’s worth running quotes for single tariffs too as this can sometimes be the cheaper option)
  • opt for a smart meter so you can monitor your energy usage and see when your bills are going up

So switch now and you could be better off when you turn on the heating.  Find out more here.