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Cold Weather and you

Tips for staying safe and healthy in the cold weather.


With more snow and cold weather predicted for the weekend here are some hits and tips to help you keep safe, warm and healthy both inside and outside the home.


Set your heating timer so that the heating comes on earlier in the day
keep your living room at 18 to 21 degrees centigrade when it’s in use and keep the rest of your house at a minimum of 16 degrees centigrade when you’re in. If you have central heating you can do this by:
adjusting your boiler timer to only heat your home as you need it rather than leaving it permanently on
using both the room thermostat and the individual thermostatic valves on the radiators to control the temperatures in each room

Close your curtains as soon as it gets dark, to stop the heat escaping and the draughts coming in
Keep the doors to the rooms in the home that you’re heating closed to keep the heat in them


Wearing several layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thick layer, as the layers trap warm air

Always wear gloves, a hat and a scarf even for short intervals

If you go outside wear several layers of clothing and keep dry to prevent loss of body heat.

Clear paths of snow before it freezes over to lessen the risk of slipping on ice.

Watch out for signs of hypothermia – uncontrollable shivering, slow/slurred speech, memory lapse and drowsiness and frostbite – loss of feeling in and pale appearance of fingers, toes, nose and ear lobes. Keep moving your arms and legs to help the blood circulate.

Avoid travel if possible. If you must drive check the Highway Code for advice on driving in icy and snowy weather.

Important Emergency Numbers:-

Innisfree Emergency Repairs                  0800 678 3313

Suspected Gas Leaks                           0800 111 999

Electrical failure                                     0800 028 0247

Please take a moment to check on any vulnerable family, friends or neighbours particularly those that may be elderly or disabled

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