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Move-on training is a success!

Michael, Susan and Patrick celebrate the completion of the first Innisfree Move-on course with Raffat Bari (centre)

Tenants have recently completed a successful Move-on training programme in December and created their own Facebook page. Trainer, Raffat Bari took a very unique approach by offering a very tailored course for each person attending the 8 week course.   In an interview Raffat told me she avoids mentioning the ’C’ word until it is absolutely necessary! ‘It is important to reach people at their level’ says Raffat. ‘I like to listen carefully and I get a good idea about peoples’ hobbies and interests and then introduce computers as a tool to for them to find out more about them. I listen to peoples’ fears and find ways to overcome them. Mostly, people are afraid of appearing silly, but we all make mistakes when learning. It is good to make mistakes! People learn best when they feel safe and comfortable.’ You can read some of their stories at: The next course is due to commence on the 22nd January when 8 more students will be offered 8 weeks training to build their IT skills. A further course is planned for April 2013. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Supported Housing Manager Jim Sheeran [email protected] or phone 020 7692 1252   Jim Sheeran.

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