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Euston Square trip – Excellent day out!


Meeting at Friends House

Meeting at Friends House

Tenants and volunteers took a day out to visit a well trodden, but little known area of London – Euston Square on the 1st May last. here is a short article prepared by Donal McCarthy who attended the event. Donal writes…

Our first visit was to St Pancras Church which I was looking forward to as I love visiting old buildings
and learning about their history I also looked it up on the internet before going there.

Our next visit was the Friends House, or the Quakers, where we were made very welcome and came away with a better knowledge of how they worship and their beliefs.  They have a great library on the history of the Quakers.  Friends are not structured with leaders or rulers and they are pacifists by nature. They hold prayer meetings generally in silence. Time was going fast which is always the case when your mind is completely engaged in what you are seeing and hearing.

Then on to Wellcome Institute in the Gibbs Building, a place I never knew existed again we enjoyed what we saw and learned a little about the human body and where the different organs are positioned.  After a few minor
health checks we moved down stairs where we had lunch and a rest. The Wellcome Institute fund lots of medical research to help cure illnesses.

Following a very nice lunch it was time for our next visit the Grant Museum of Zoology so from studying the human body to viewing some very rare skeletons of extinct creatures  like the Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger and some others I never heard of.


Donal McCarthy and a rather hungry looking Alligator!

Donal McCarthy and a rather hungry looking Alligator!

To finish the day we walked to the London  University where we had some photograph’s taken. Before returning to Euston Station we had tea at  a small restaurant where we discussed our experiences of the day. Everyone  seemed very happy with what they saw and done.  Hope we have a similar day out soon again.

Thanks Donal and everyone who attended.

Jim Sheeran.

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